Lighting inspiration for bedrooms

Bedroom 3

Make the bedroom fab through lighting. (Photo Credits) 

Lighting can tremendously transform a beautiful bedroom into a fabulous one.

Take for instance the ideas brought forth by Apartment Therapy in one of its published posts. Builders and Contractors

“Remember that the bedroom is for more than just sleeping; you might also be getting dressed or doing work in this room. This height-adjustable bedside pendant can be adjusted to give more ambient light (high) or reading light (low). It also look pretty cool, no?”

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Brighten up the room

Architecture and Design also shared more bedroom lighting ideas. Electricians

“Bedroom is an important space in our home that not only because it is a place to sleep, but is also the place for lounging, cuddling and relaxation. Therefore, setting a perfect mood for our bedroom is very necessary. Lighting is an indispensable element to do that. However, lighting is never an easy thing. It should also reflect your personal style and create a feeling of sublime comfort. What’s more, the lighting should be not only fabulous but also functional. Because besides sleeping, we also watch TV, read and study in the bedroom.”

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Home Designing shared more than a dozen bedroom lighting pegs.

“Lighting is art. Decorators balance a wide range of needs to achieve a practical and beautiful bedroom lighting arrangement, every factor touching multiple points. Consider placement – a decision influenced by lifestyle choices like whether the resident loves physical books or prefers videos from a bright screen, but the photo tour below also shows its aesthetic impact. Intensity and color temperature are two more elements that seem practical at first, but can make all the difference between waking up to a bright and cheerful room in the darkness of an early morning or basking in low and mysterious mood lighting before drifting off to sleep.”

Get inspired here.

How do you light up your bedroom?

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