Here are the things that you need to ask your electrical contractor before you hire them

Before you decide to hire your next electrician santee to help with an electrical repair or home renovation there are several things that you should know and keep in mind. We will also tell you what important questions you need to ask your electrician. We want to help you make an educated and informed decision.

Always check for all the proper licensing and electrician contractor information

An Electrical Contractor Doing RewiringFirst off, before you ever hire any kind of lemon grove electrical contractor you need to check their license information. The state of California requires that all working electricians have a California state contractor’s license and pass all certification requirements. Certification requirements typically include on the job training and a written exam that must be passed. All electrician contractors should be upfront in providing you with their contractor’s license number. If an electrician isn’t willing to provide you with a contractor’s license number then you shouldn’t hire them. Hiring an electrician that does not have a license is dangerous. It is dangerous because that electrician may not fully understand all the latest safety procedures and rules in accordance with city regulations. If an unlicensed contractor performs work that doesn’t comply with city and state regulations then you could be putting your home at risk. If an electrical fire results from the work done by the unlicensed contractor then your insurance company will most likely not honor an insurance claim. An unlicensed contractor can also put you and your family at risk, if an electrical fire occurs in the home, the occupants could get seriously injured. You always want to use a licensed and certified electrical contractor for your home renovation projects.

Only hire a contractor that is fully insured, ask about the insurance coverage

Performing An Electrical Repair On Circuit BreakerSecondly, you always want to ensure that the electrician contractor company that you plan on hiring is fully insured and bonded. You want to ask who their insurance provider is and what kind of coverage they provide. You want this information in case something catastrophic occurs as a result of the electrician spring valley. If a disaster does occur and damage is incurred on your home then the insurance company for the electrician will cover any damages. If you hire an electrician that does not hold liability insurance then you are opening yourself up to risk. If your home is damaged, and the electrician has neither assets nor insurance, then you will be left holding the bill for the mistake that the electrician made. So when calling around for an electrician company always remember to ask what type of insurance they carry, who their insurance provider is, and what they guarantee in terms of protection.

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