Electric Vintage Charm


The beauty of vintage. (Photo Credits)

Antique Appliances have their own version of charm. After all, many, many years ago, they made people’s lives easier.

The Website Off-the-Grid News, went further step back by featuring precursors of even the most vintage electric-powered appliances. Builders and Contractors   

“The modern, industrialized world revolves around a myriad of electrical and electronic gadgets. Little is done anymore which doesn’t require electrical power. We’ve harnessed this power for tasks to make our lives easier, as well as more interesting. The electric motor is at the core of many of these devices. By using motors, we eliminate the need to provide the manpower for these devices ourselves. This saves both work and time, allowing us to accomplish more, with less effort. Such is modern progress. One of the major areas where this technology has been applied is in the home, specifically in making homemaking chores easier. Back before electricity, many household tasks required considerable muscle power to accomplish. Women had to work a lot harder in the home and usually for many more hours to get their work done. While these gadgets do make things easier, our ancestors got by just fine without them. Learning about their appliances can be useful, whether it’s simply to use as a backup in case our electronic versions break, or it’s to use during a power outage.”

Check out the pre-electric vintage home appliances here.

The advent of electric-powered home appliances

Then came electric-powered appliances.  Pleated Jeans featured these appliances in the form of a witty post that shared posters of these vintage appliances showing super happy homeowners who have received such electric gadgets as gifts! Electricians  

“As this collection from Flashbak shows, the advertisers of the 40s, 50s and 60s thought housewives went freaking bonkers anytime they got a new home appliance.”

Take a look at the posters here.

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Mental Floss meantime came out with a list of vintage appliances that could possibly be lethal or toxic to its owners and users. “While leaking gas, frayed power cords, and garbage disposal mishaps continue to plague users of appliances, automated domestic assistance used to be more dangerous—a lot more dangerous. Take a look at some products no one but a personal injury lawyer would still endorse.”

Read the whole article here.

Do you still have a vintage appliance in your home?


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